Portfolio simulation
Recognize the deviations
Portfolio simulation

Portfolio simulation

Is the prognosis right?
Are the general requirements or conditions sufficient?
Am I achieving the desired benefits?

The question of whether it is worth leaving the full supply for the benefit of a structured procurement is theoretically difficult to answer. A direct price comparison is not possible, since the structured purchasing lives of the continuity in the trading of subsets.

An assessment of cost and the question of the expenditure required to implement this promising strategy cannot be made without taking into account the prevailing realities.
Here we apply our 6-month training program.
After this you can be able to evaluate not just the risk of full supply but also (estimate) the potential for optimization. With daily training, you will learn the mechanism of structured procurement and appreciate with great realism the effort to accomplish this assignment.

The Simulation is associated with three (3)intensive workshops, that provide the strategic possibilities, fundamental and comprehensive answers to the electricity market. Ultimately, continuously updated procurement options are tested against the background of our portfolio simulation. After 6 months of daily testing, 3 workshops and a detailed evaluation, the practice maturity is reached.