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Energy Management Portfolio management Balancing


With our product "Balancing", we offer the possibility, in very close connection with the EPEX access, to efficiently implement the day-to-day processes associated with electricity trade and balance group management and, with the least human and technical resources. The largely technical orientation of processes makes a high degree of automation in the implementation possible, which in turn enables us to work for you quickly, safely and inexpensively.
Based on the demand forecasts and trade commitments you submit, and which are   continuously updated, we take over the hourly structural adjustments or changes on the bilateral and on the spot market. We will naturally include in the auction trading on the EPEX your separately submitted conditioned bids.
We will be pleased to do the daily schedule management for you. This eases you the burden on 24 hours availability to the balancing group coordinators and the constant system-adaptation to new TSO guidelines.

Our Product "Balancing" summary contains the following proposals:

  • Constant updating of the demand portfolio (until 11: 00 AM)
  • Checking and setting of any spot trading limits
  • Forecast corrections by single locations possible
  • Preparation of bidding for the hourly auction of the EPEX
  • Daily Deals confirmations
  • Daily settlement
  • Separate presentation of conditioned allocations in the auction trade
  • Generation of schedules and dispatching to TSO
  • 24 hours availability
  • System adaptation according to the stock exchange guidelines and TSO regulations