Node PPL-Online
Node PPL-Online


With PPL-Online, the new module of EnergieFinanz, you can rate the profile of your "Special contract Customers" to price conditions close to those of the market and organize the execution of delivery continually, rapidly and comfortable, just per mouse-click

Profile characteristics:

  • Average power less than 1,5 MW
  • Annual utilization hours great than 2000
  • Delivery period from 3 months till max. 2 years
  • Supply as balancing group schedule
  • According to Hourly price Forward Curve (HPFC)market-oriented pricing
  • Permanent access
  • Sustainable rapid price information
  • Access fee excluding additional cost
  • Price requests unlimited
  • Market observation on the trading desk
  • Effective support to sellers with "Special contract customers" (Sondervertragskunde)