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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our webpage. We take the privacy of your information very seriously. This is why we conduct our web activities in compliance with the data privacy and data security laws.

Responsible person for this website is:
Energieunion GmbH
Werderstraße 74b
19055 Schwerin
Telefon +49 385 59292-0
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If you have any question about this informations please contact our data security manager:


When you visit our websites, it may happen that we store information in the form of a “cookie” on your computer, which we recognise automatically during your next visit. Cookies are text files which are stored on your computer. After you have finished your session and closed your browser many of the text files are deleted (“session cookies”). You can prevent cookies being saved on your computer by changing your browser settings. So if you do not want us to recognise your computer, please adjust the settings if your Internet browser in such a way that it deletes cookies from your computer hard disk, blocks all cookies or warns you before a cookie is stored. We use cookies only if you have given consent first. By clicking the respective check box within the information about cookies on this website, you give your explicit consent (so-called “opt-in procedure”). Please note that you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website if you refuse to give your consent for the use of cookies.


When you access the restricted areas of our website we collect personal data like : name, address, telephone number, ip –address and other similar data.
As a user of our website you have the right to receive information about your saved personal data and the reason of the data process in case any personal data is collected through the website. In case of personal data collection you can have your collected personal data corrected, blocked or deleted. For these purposes or if you have any questions or comments concerning the data privacy you are welcome to contact us under datenschutz@energieunion.de